Think Before You Update Your Mobile Firmware

Apparently, the program masks your information utilization so it would appear that you’re perusing from the telephone, not from your PC. Most transporters have a tying expense notwithstanding the standard information charges. PdaNet fundamentally allows you to avoid those tying charges by masking the traffic. I’ve utilized PdaNet on and off for longer than a year and have had no tying charges or extra expenses.

PHM RegEdit – Registry proofreader for Windows Xiaomi stock rom. An absolute necessity have on the off chance that you plan on doing any high level changes.

Distant Desktop for Windows Mobile 6 – This is exactly what it seems like, a far off work area program for Windows Mobile which allows you to get to your far off work area empowered PC while away from it. Why they did exclude this in the stock ROM is past me. Far off Desktop proves to be useful in the event that you need to get to a PC, however don’t have a PC accessible.

SPB Mobile Shell – An option in contrast to TouchFlo3D. Portable Shell essentially replaces your home screen with its own interface. I use SPB Mobile Shell since I discover TouchFlo3D to be laggy now and again and cause generally slow execution. Introducing Mobile Shell helped execution generally speaking and there’s likewise a huge load of customization that can be applied to suit your enjoying.

SPB Insight – An option in contrast to the default newsreader “RSS Hub”. RSS Hub is very acceptable, lightweight, and quick, yet it comes up short on a couple of things. One is the absence of pictures, the other is the way RSS Hub just downloads a piece of an article, making you visit the website to peruse the remainder of the article. SPB Insight downloads pictures, yet it additionally (more often than not) downloads the whole article for disconnected review.

SPB Pocket Plus – A ground-breaking today screen module. Allows you to add a wide range of modules and alternate ways to your today screen with loads of different highlights. I use Pocket Plus as one of the tabs in SPB Mobile Shell.

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