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Fishing Trips in Australia and New Zealand

Looking for something unique to do on holiday or just on a day out? Why not try a fishing trip? Fishing excursions can be an excellent way to spend time with family and friends, whilst at the same time provide an opportunity to enjoy the water and the great outdoors.     Excursions come in a lot of different varieties and can take place on a river, ocean or even standing in a stream.

It’s a gift

Organised fishing trips are a great way to get an introduction into the sport and are widely available throughout Australia and New Zealand. Most trips provide guests with a crash course in the skills they’ll need to participate, as well as the required equipment. A fishing trip as a gift experience also makes an ideal choice for the man who is notoriously difficult to buy for, or who fancies taking up the sport, but would like an introduction first.

Fishing in Australia

Australia is a fishing paradise, full of rivers, streams, billabongs, lakes and of course, the open ocean. There is excellent fishing to be had in each of its territories, though a few destinations do stand out. The first is Darwin in the Northern Territories. Situated on the northern tip of the country, Darwin is adjacent to the sheltered Cullen Bay, and is also just off the coast of the Timor Sea. Bluewater reef and game fishing charter boats can be found in this area, with excursions lasting anywhere from half a day to a few days. Fish commonly caught on Darwin fishing trips include the Golden Snapper, Black Jewfish and Spanish Mackerel, all of which are present year round.

The Darwin area is also home to the Barramundi (Asian Sea Bass), one of Australia’s most prized fish. The Barramundi is primarily a freshwater fish found in estuaries and several Darwin-based operators offer trips in and around the Moil River, as well as the Cobourg Peninsula, where they are known to reside beginning around March of each year.

In Perth, Western Australia, you’ll have access to extreme deep sea fishing. Extreme deep sea fishing trips take place in waters exceeding depths of 250 metres and often reach beyond 300 metres. Conditions over deep water can be challenging, with boats facing rough waters and wind. Fishing trips to these areas however, can yield prized fish such as the Saddleback Cod, Ruby Snapper and Hapuku. Night fishing is also popular from Perth as certain species of fish are easier to catch at this time. Charters typically depart in the late evening and return in the early morning. Participants who are up to the challenge of staying up and staying warm have the chance to catch beautiful Pink Snapper, Red Snapper, Dhufish, and Mulloway.

Moving to the east coast of Australia, the Gold Coast is an ideal place to get an introduction into the sport of fishing. The waters are calmer here than over the deep ocean, and day trips out from the Gold Coast are suitable for the whole family. There is a wide variety of fish living in this area, including several types of Mackerel, Cobia, Shark, Reef Flatheads and Tuna. Though tours are available from nearly all major coastal towns on Australia’s east coast, Gold Coast City near Brisbane is the most popular departure point, especially for day trips.

For those visiting Australia on holiday, fishing trips are also available from both Melbourne and Sydney. In October, the Port Phillip Bay Snapper can be found just offshore from Melbourne. King George Whitings can also be caught in the region from January to March each year. Serious fisherman may also consider making the trek from Melbourne to the small town of Portland. In the winter months it’s possible to catch Mako Sharks and Bluefin Tuna in this area, and there are several major tour operators departing from Portland regularly between April and July.

Fishing in New Zealand

As an island nation, Australia’s near neighbour, New Zealand has a long history of fishing, dating back to the native Maori culture. Not surprisingly, both tourists and locals can easily embark on fishing trips from Auckland and Wellington. Waitemata Harbour, located just outside Auckland, is known as the Snapper capital of the world. Tours departing from Auckland can often reach their fishing grounds within a matter of minutes as Snappers are so prevalent in the area. Nearby Hauraki Gulf is also a popular spot that is home to even more Snapper, in addition to the excellent Yellowtail Kingfish. Due to the proximity of the fishing grounds, Auckland fishing trips are perfect for a day out or a quick excursion while on holiday in the stunning Land of the Long White Cloud.

Further south in Wellington, fly fishing is extremely popular. Trout are common throughout the region as there is a wide network of rivers that criss-cross this part of New Zealand. Fly fishing tours, as well as shallow raft fishing, are both prevalent in the area. For those staying in Wellington, the Hutt River is the closest to the city, and also one of the largest in the region. Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are present in the river, and can range anywhere from 1 kg to 3 kg. Guided fly fishing trips in Wellington are an easy way to start learning this unique type of fishing. Tours range from a few hours of guided assistance, to full multi-day excursions featuring a cruise down one of New Zealand’s beautiful rivers as well as accommodation and meals.


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